On Site (Gold Coast)
Group Size
3 days
Skill Level
$1,950 +GST
Course outline
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Course Description

This workshop is an intensive, fast-paced look into the details of the Corona Engine using Interior and Exterior scenes. The topics being covered will give intimate knowledge of the Corona Engine and allow you to become a certified Corona Power user.

What you will receive

  • 10% discount on a yearly Corona Render license
  • Access to an electronic version of the educational material
  • Promotion of contact details and certification details in the list of Certified Users on the Corona Academy website


Corona Certified User Certificate from Render Legion

Workshop Outline

Day 1 - Corona Introduction

  • A Quick Introduction to Corona Renderer
  • Corona Renderer Philosophy

Day 1 - Corona Renderer Overview

  • Getting to know Corona Renderer
  • Native 3ds Max features supported by Corona Renderer
  • Initial Setup
  • Corona Rules

Day 1 - Practical Applications - Interiors

  • Common Causes of Noise
  • UHD Cache
  • Setting up Common Materials

Day 1 - Extended Rendering Functionality Part 1

  • Denoising
  • Lightmix
  • Render Elements

Day 2 - Practical Applications - Exteriors

  • Image Based Lighting (HDRI)
  • Artificial Lighting
  • Corona Proxies

Day 2 - Details and Randomization

  • Corona Multimap
  • Corona Scatter
  • Corona Maps for details and randomization

Day 2 - Technical Considerations for All Scenes

  • Anti-aliasing Issues
  • Optimising RAM usage
  • Using Distributed Rendering
  • Fixing slow scenes: Step by Step
  • Additional Tips and Information

Day 2 - Extended Rendering Functionality Part 2

  • Corona Image Editor
  • Pausing and Resuming Rendering
  • Rendertime Boolean Effects
  • Rendering for VR
  • Shadow Catcher
  • Shadow Catcher

Day 3 - Practical project workshop

  • Exterior and Interior Practical workshop

Day 3 - Support and Community

  • Support and Community
  • For the Future
  • Q&A
  • Credits

Teachers / Speakers

Robert Dukes
Director of rdvis Creative Studio